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Admirable Crichton, acme, adept, administration, adviser, affidavit, aficionado, agency, agentship, amateur, amperage, announcer, annunciator, appurtenance, arbiter, arbiter elegantiarum, arbiter of taste, armipotence, artisan, artist, artiste, ascendancy, assignment, attache, attestation, authoritativeness, authorities, authority, authorization, be-all and end-all, beef, bill of health, birthright, black power, blue ribbon, bon vivant, brevet, brute force, buff, care, certificate, certificate of proficiency, certification, championship, channel, charge, charisma, charm, claim, claws, clearance, clout, clutches, cogence, cogency, cognoscente, collector, command, commission, commissioning, commitment, communicant, communicator, compulsion, conduct, conjugal right, connaisseur, connoisseur, consequence, consignment, consultant, control, cordon bleu, countenance, crack shot, craftsman, credential, credit, critic, cure, dead shot, delegated authority, delegation, demand, deposition, deputation, devolution, devolvement, dilettante, dint, diploma, diplomat, diplomatist, direction, directorship, disposition, divine right, doctor, dominance, domination, dominion, drive, droit, due, duress, effect, effectiveness, effectuality, elder, elder statesman, embassy, eminence, empery, empire, empowerment, enabling, enchantment, energy, enfranchisement, enlightener, entitlement, entrusting, entrustment, epicure, epicurean, errand, establishment, esteem, evidence, example, executorship, exemplar, exequatur, experienced hand, experimental scientist, expert, expert consultant, expert witness, factorship, faculty, fan, favor, fiat, first place, first prize, flower power, force, force majeure, forcefulness, freak, full blast, full force, full power, good feeling, good judge, gossipmonger, gourmand, gourmet, governance, government, graduate, grapevine, great soul, greatness, grip, guidance, guru, hand, handling, hands, handy man, headship, hegemony, height, highest, hold, husbandry, ideal, illuminate, imperium, importance, inalienable right, incidental power, influence, influentiality, influentialness, informant, information center, information medium, informer, insinuation, intellect, intellectual, interest, interviewee, iron hand, journeyman, judge, jurisdiction, justness, kingship, lead, leadership, leading, legation, leverage, license, lieutenancy, lordship, lover of wisdom, magisterialness, magnetism, mahatma, main force, main strength, man of intellect, man of science, man of wisdom, mana, management, managery, managing, mandarin, mandate, manipulation, marksman, master, mastermind, mastership, mastery, maven, maximum, mentor, might, might and main, mightiness, mission, model, moment, monitor, most, mouthpiece, moxie, muscle power, navicert, ne plus ultra, new high, newsmonger, no slouch, notarized statement, note, notifier, nut, office, officialdom, officials, oracle, ordering, palms, paramountcy, past master, pattern, personality, persuasion, philosopher, pilotage, pizzazz, plenipotentiary power, police, politician, poop, potence, potency, potentiality, power, power of attorney, power pack, power structure, power struggle, power to act, powerfulness, powers that be, practical scientist, precedence, predominance, preponderance, prepotency, prerogative, prescription, presidency, press, pressure, prestige, presumptive right, pretense, pretension, primacy, priority, pro, procuration, productiveness, productivity, professional, professor, proficient, prominence, proper claim, property right, proxy, public relations officer, publisher, puissance, pull, punch, pundit, purchase, purview, push, rabbi, radio, raj, rank, ratification, record, refined palate, regency, regentship, regnancy, regulation, reign, reporter, repute, responsibility, right, rishi, rule, running, sage, sanction, sapient, savant, say, say-so, scholar, scientist, seer, seniority, shark, sharp, sheepskin, sinew, solidity, soundness, source, sovereignty, specialist, spokesman, standard, starets, statesman, stature, steam, steerage, steering, strength, strings, strong arm, suasion, substantiality, subtle influence, suggestion, superiority, superpower, supremacy, sway, sworn statement, talons, task, technical adviser, technical expert, technician, technologist, television, teller, testamur, testimonial, testimony, the conn, the helm, the wheel, thinker, ticket, tipster, title, top spot, tout, trust, trusteeship, upper hand, validity, vehemence, vested interest, vested right, vicarious authority, vigor, vim, virility, virtue, virtuoso, virulence, visa, vise, vitality, voucher, warrant, warranty, wattage, weight, weightiness, whip hand, wise man, wise old man, witness, wizard, word, zenith

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • authority — au·thor·i·ty n pl ties 1: an official decision of a court used esp. as a precedent 2 a: a power to act esp. over others that derives from status, position, or office the authority of the president; also: jurisdiction b: the power to act …   Law dictionary

  • Authority — Au*thor i*ty, n.; pl. {Authorities}. [OE. autorite, auctorite, F. autorit[ e], fr. L. auctoritas, fr. auctor. See {Author}, n.] 1. Legal or rightful power; a right to command or to act; power exercised buy a person in virtue of his office or… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • authority — [ə thôr′ə tē, əthär′ə tē] n. pl. authorities [ME autorite < OFr autorité, auctorité < L auctoritas < auctor, AUTHOR] 1. a) the power or right to give commands, enforce obedience, take action, or make final decisions; jurisdiction b) the… …   English World dictionary

  • authority — (n.) early 13c., autorite book or quotation that settles an argument, from O.Fr. auctorité authority, prestige, right, permission, dignity, gravity; the Scriptures (12c.; Mod.Fr. autorité), from L. auctoritatem (nom. auctoritas) invention, advice …   Etymology dictionary

  • authority — [n1] power, control ascendancy, authorization, beef*, charge, clout*, command, credit, domination, dominion, edge, esteem, force, goods*, government, guts*, influence, juice*, jump, jurisdiction, leg up*, license, mastery, might, might and main* …   New thesaurus

  • authority — /auˈtɔriti, ingl. ɔːˈθHrɪtɪ/ [lett. «autorità»] s. f. inv. autorità, organo di vigilanza …   Sinonimi e Contrari. Terza edizione

  • authority — 1 *power, jurisdiction, command, control, dominion, sway Analogous words: ascendancy, *supremacy: government, ruling or rule (see corresponding verbs at GOVERN) 2 *influence, weight, credit, prestige Analogous words: exemplar, ideal, standard, p …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • authority — ► NOUN (pl. authorities) 1) the power or right to give orders and enforce obedience. 2) a person or organization having official power. 3) recognized knowledge or expertise. 4) an authoritative person or book. ORIGIN Old French autorite, from… …   English terms dictionary

  • Authority — In politics, authority (Latin auctoritas , used in Roman law as opposed to potestas and imperium ) is often used interchangeably with the term power . However, their meanings differ: while power refers to the ability to achieve certain ends,… …   Wikipedia

  • authority — A government or public agency created to perform a single function or a restricted group of related activities. Usually, such units are financed from service charges, fees, and tolls, but in some instances they also have taxing powers. An… …   Financial and business terms

  • authority — n. control power 1) to assume; delegate; demonstrate, show; establish; exercise, wield; invoke authority 2) to defy; deny, reject; undermine authority 3) absolute, complete, full, supreme, unquestioned; parental authority 4) authority for; over… …   Combinatory dictionary

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